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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

"Dear Old New York "
Journal of Anna Maude Van Hoose's visit to New York
October - November 1901

Anna Maude Van Hoose
October-November 1901[1]
with annotations and commentary by

In October, 1901, 16-year-old Anna Maude Van Hoose visited New York with her grandmother, Mary Ellen Scorse Bacon. Anna Maude had just graduated from high school in May, in Shreveport, Louisiana, and this trip may have been a present from her grandmother. It was also a gift her grandmother gave to herself, having lost her husband -- Niles, Michigan lawyer Edward Bacon -- in April. The two visited libraries, historical locations, and restaurants and attended church services, concerts, and Broadway shows. They read, and commented on, books of the day, and Anna Maude, a music student, evaluated the music that she heard. Two months after their visit, Anna Maude began studies at the Chicago Musical College, and eventually had a long career as a professional musician. This short journal is a wonderful microcosm of their lives together -- two women with a zest for life, who saw everything there was to see, persevering through headaches, toothaches, and other -aches, and falling in love with "Dear Old New York" in the process.

* * * * * *

Mary Ellen Bacon
Anna Maude Van Hoose
New York City
October 14th 1901

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The History Of The Methodist Church in Elmira

By , Historian
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Sunday, June 30, 1901, was a great day for the Methodists of Elmira. It was the day of dedication for the “2nd” Hedding Church. According to the Elmira Daily Gazette and Free Press (July 1, 1901), “The beautiful auditorium was filled to overflowing with devout people…Bishop C.H. Fowler spoke from the text Psalm 48:12.”[1]

The new Hedding Methodist Episcopal Church was built at the corner of Church and Columbia Streets, next to the original Hedding Church which had been sold to the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church for $6000 [2] (the building remains the home of the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and is the oldest building in the city of Elmira erected as a church and still in use as such).

The newspaper went on to report, “The dedication proper occurred in the evening…a striking feature of the day was that the dedication did not take place until the remaining debt on the edifice, $40,000, was provided for by subscription. It was not until nearly 11 o’clock in the evening that this was accomplished and Bishop Fowler was allowed to dedicate the building and place the pulpit in charge of the beloved pastor Rev. G. E. Campbell…” The article continued noting that the day “Was one to be remembered always by the Methodist people of the city…for the practical Christianity of those people….” [3]